Key Technological advancements in Healthcare

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In the not so distant future in the year 2025, one fine morning an old lady receives an alert on her personal home management device that she is going to develop cancer in the near future. This report has been sent by her robot doctor, after her visit last week for a checkup. She is mildly shocked to hear such news. She then decides to get a second opinion from a human doctor. The human doctors are very few in numbers now in her city and are more expensive than the robot doctors. So she decides to visit the human doctor nearest to her home. She visits the doctor and shows him her report, which was sent to her by the robot doctor this morning. The human doctor carefully looks at the report and finds that the robot had mentioned a clinical study that was done in the year 2019 where it was proven that people with a sleeping disorder lasting more than 3 weeks in a row had a 90 percent chance of getting a certain type of cancer. Using its probe sensors installed in the patient’s house, the robot doctor had detected that she had experienced a disturbed sleeping pattern for more than 6 weeks in continuation. Based on this fact, the robot doctor had looked at her vital statistics data, such as her heart rate, blood pressure, breathing patterns, etc., and had reached the conclusion that she was on the path to get cancer. The human doctor, on the other hand, checks her vital statistics again and asks her to conduct some blood tests and other required tests for determining her current medical condition. After a few days, when her medical reports arrive, the human doctor declares that she does not have any signs of cancer.

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