Key Technological Advancements in Finance

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In the not so distant future in the year 2027, 27-year-old Godson is working from his community office near his house. This is the age when the concept of dedicated office space has given way to community offices. These are the advanced versions of the co-working spaces that became popular about a decade back. People no longer have to travel to dedicated offices but have to just travel to their nearest community office close to them in order to work. Godson is an entrepreneur and has his own investment company. As he walks into his office, he is greeted by his drone personal assistant robot, which informs him about his priorities for the day. Godson asks the drone PA to come up with his stock market monthly report. The drone PA links up with Godson’s TradeBot, which is the investment robot taking care of all the financial transactions. The TradeBot gives out the report to the central drone PA through trusted link-up technology. The report shows Godson’s investments in the stock market nosedived by 5.2 percent last month due to a crash in the market. The TradeBot informs Godson in the report that this loss is curtailed due to the stop-loss limits that he had put in place for all his shares, and his loss today would stand at 12.8 percent had he not put those limits in the system. The TradeBot advises Godson to make changes in his stock market portfolio and add and drop a few stocks that, as per TradeBot’s prediction system, would go up by 25 percent in the next 3 months. The Bot gives its reasons with the analysis of news from various channels and the effect they are going to have on this new suggested portfolio The TradeBot is fully automated and does not need any human intervention to trade on the stock market. However, for certain things like stock selection and assigning limits and percentages to investments, there is a manual override in the system that allows it to take human input from Godson. The TradeBot is owned by Godson’s stockbroker, who gives a salary to the TradeBot out of the commission it earns from Godson’s stock trade.

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