Overview of Machine Learning in Healthcare

  • Puneet Mathur


In late January 2018, I sat in a plush downtown hotel in Bangalore with one of the fine minds in Healthcare, as well as a renowned international doctor and a Python programmer. The discussion was around how to apply machine learning in healthcare and finance. Being one of my clients, he wanted to not just get ideas but to see in practical Python code terms how data could be put to use in some of the work that was done in his large hospital chains as well as his investments in the areas of stock market, commodities investments, etc. My discussions during the 4 days of meetings were not just intense but deep into the business domain of the healthcare industry. After having studied such similar patterns in many of my healthcare projects with my clients, I present to you in this book fine practical examples of implementation that are not just workable but also make a very high business sense. While most of the work I do falls under non-disclosure agreements, thus not allowing me to reveal the confidential stuff, in this book you will find many examples of implementation of ideas that are from the real world. The real data has not been used. Most of the data I present in this book is from the public domain. I shall be using Python version 3.x compatible code throughout this book.

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