Using R with SQL Server 2016 and 2017

  • Leila Etaati


In 2016, Microsoft announced the possibility of writing R codes inside SQL Server Management Studio. To be able to write R code in SQL Server 2016, we must install R Services first. In 2017, the ability to write Python codes inside SQL Server 2017 was provided. A developer can write the R and Python codes inside SQL Server Management Studio, using Machine Learning Server and accessing the different R or Python packages. In 2017, instead of R services, we have machine learning services, which allow us to embed R or Python codes in SQL scripts. In this chapter, the process of how we can set up SQL Server Management Studio to write R or Python scripts is explained. A brief explanation of some essential packages is also provided. In addition, best practices for how we can create a model and reuse it for another data set are explained.

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