Azure Machine Learning Studio

  • Leila Etaati


Azure Machine Learning (ML) Studio is a cloud machine learning platform. It features a drag-and-drop environment that is easy to use. It contains more than 20 predefined machine learning algorithms. With Azure ML Studio, it is possible to import data from different resources, devise machine learning experiments, and create a web service from the model. Moreover, it is possible to run the R or Python codes inside the Azure ML Studio environment. In this chapter, first I will explain the environment and how to formulate an experiment in it, how to create a simple machine learning model, how to test and evaluate the model, and how to import data from the local machine from other Azure components. Also, I will discuss the process of creating a web service from the model. The process of how to run R codes inside the Azure ML Studio will be explored. In addition, the process of exploring an Azure ML experiment in R Studio will be elaborated.

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