R in Azure Data Lake

  • Leila Etaati


Azure Data Lake Store is one of the components in Microsoft Cloud that helps developers, data scientists, and analysts to store data of any size and shape. Azure Data Lake is optimized for processing large amounts of data. It provides parallel processing with optimum performance. In Azure Data Lake, we can create a hierarchical data folder structure. Because of these capabilities, Azure Data Lake makes it easy for data scientists to apply advanced analytics and machine learning modeling with high scalability cost-effectiveness. Azure Data Lake Analytics includes U-SQL, which is a language like SQL that enables you to process unstructured data [1]. It is possible to perform machine learning inside Azure Data Lake and explore the Azure Data Lake from RStudio to create models inside the RStudio environment. Moreover, it is possible to get data from Azure Data Lake with Hive query and to use that data inside Azure Machine Learning. In this chapter, you will see how we can write and work with data, using U-SQL language with R in Azure Data Lake, and how we can import data from Azure Data Lake to RStudio or import data from RStudio into Azure Data Lake.

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