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Task Orientation

  • David C. Evans


To place your meme precisely where we will be directing our fovea, and thus our attention, the first idea that likely occurs to you is to "learn our goals" and you would not be wrong. "Goals serve a directive function," psychologists Locke and Latham wrote in 2002, summarizing 35 years of research on the topic. "[T]hey direct attention and effort toward goal-relevant activities and away from goal-irrelevant activities. But we want you to take a step back even from that. The first thing you must do is learn whether or not we even have a goal. If we do, then any meme that interrupts us will be ignored as a frustrating distraction. If we do not, we will be receptive to unsolicited and unexpected memes, although we will resist any effortful concentration required to engage with you.

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