Kinetics of Proton-Transport Coupled ATP Synthesis in Chloroplasts

  • Peter Gräber
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 51)


The coupling of (scalar) chemical reactions with (vectorial) transport of molecules or ions across a membrane occurs at practically all biological membranes, e.g., at the plasma membranes of all cells as well as in cell organelles like mitochondria and chloroplasts. Of special importance is the coupling between proton transport and ATP-synthesis or ATP-hydrolysis. This process is catalyzed by a membrane-bound F0F1-ATPase (ATP-synthase). The importance of this process is demonstrated by the fact that in man about 50 kg ATP per day are synthesized by this process and that this ATP is then used as energy source for most biochemical reactions in the organism (muscle contraction, molecule- and ion transport, biosynthesis of different molecules).


Proton Transport Proton Efflux Internal Aqueous Phase Sigmoidal Dependence Membrane Energization 
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