Acidities and Basicities in Reversed Micellar Systems

  • Omar A. El Seoud
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The determination of the “effective” acidities and basicities in reversed micelles (RM’s) is fundamental for the rationalization of any pH-dependent interaction taking place in the micellar “water pool, WP”. The subject also bears on the basic question of whether reversed micellar catalysis is due, at least partially, to a change in the physico-chemical properties of the reactants when they are solubilized in the WP. A nice example of an enhanced reactivity due to the substrate inclusion in the micellar pseudo-phase is provided by the case of the enzyme a-chymotrypsin. The reactivity of this enzyme in the WP of the anionic surfactant bis(2-ethylhexyl)sodium sulfosuccinate (AOT) is actually higher than it is in water, and the pKa of the enzyme active site is shifted to a higher value1,2.


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