Technological Relevance of Microemulsions and Reverse Micelles in Apolar Media

  • D. Langevin
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It would be very difficult to make a complete catalog of all the industrial and technological applications of microemulsions and reverse micelles. Rather than giving a prohibitively long list of these applications, we have selected a few important examples, emphasizing the particular role played by the disperse medium in each case. Indeed, if most of the applications of reverse micelles are based upon their ability to solubilize substances, they can also be used as a “reservoir” of monomers or to play special roles in absorption processes. Examples of the relevance of these properties are given for the fields of oil recovery, lubrication, detergents and catalysis. Some speculations will be made which are pertinent to several other fields where the role of these systems is less well understood, such as the preparation of small solid particles and liquid-liquid extraction.


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