Ionization Domains in Strong Fields and Motion of Luminous Regions in Crystals

  • M. V. Fok
  • E. Yu. L’vova
Part of the The Lebedev Physics Institute Series book series (LPIS)


The application of static voltages to manganese-activated sodium zincogermanate crystals produced luminous regions moving from the cathode to the anode at a velocity of about 4 × 10−2 cm/sec. These luminous regions were due to a new type of instability called ionization domains. An analysis was made of the processes of impact ionization in high fields, which can generate and maintain space-charge regions in a crystal. Quantitative estimates based on the experimentally determined values indicated that the field intensity in a double layer associated with such domains was of the order of 2 × 106 V/cm. The effective ionization cross section of donors was estimated to be of the order of 3 × 10−14 cm2.


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  • M. V. Fok
  • E. Yu. L’vova

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