Calculation by the WKB Method of Resonator Modes for Lasers with an Active Medium

  • B. P. Kirsanov
  • A. M. Leontovich
Part of the The Lebedev Physics Institute Series / Materialy i Ustroistva Kvantovoi Radiofiziki / Matepиaлы и Уctpoйctba Кbaнtoboй Paдиoфизики book series (LPIS)


The applicability of the classical WKB method is shown in the case of a complex potential (complex dielectric permittivity) for calculating the modes of a resonator with an active medium. It is demonstrated that the mode spectra and losses for a plane parallel resonator with a quadratic or hypergeometric transverse distribution of the complex dielectric permittivity agree with the results of exact calculation. It is also shown that the modes of two-dimensional resonators with bounded mirrors which differ from plane-parallel can be calculated by the WKB method by reducing the problem to the case of a plane-parallel resonator containing a dielectric, the boundaries of the resonator being modelled by a suitably chosen jump of the imaginary part of the dielectric permittivity.


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  • B. P. Kirsanov
  • A. M. Leontovich

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