Spectroscopy of Activator Centers of Rare-Earth Ions in Laser Crystals with Garnet Structure

  • Yu. K. Voron’ko
  • A. A. Sobol’
Part of the The Lebedev Physics Institute Series / Materialy i Ustroistva Kvantovoi Radiofiziki / Matepиaлы и Уctpoйctba Кbaнtoboй Paдиoфизики book series (LPIS)


Spectroscopic characteristics of laser crystals with garnet structure containing rare-earth activators are analyzed. The mechanism of formation, properties, and statistics of different activator centers of the following ions are studied: isolated additive ions, combinations of additive ions, and proper structural defects. The effect of the structure and composition of the activator centers on the laser characteristics is studied for the materials investigated. Methods are discussed for analyzing structural imperfections in garnet crystals in terms of the spectra of rare-earth indicator ions introduced into the crystal. The material on the spectral properties of associates of rare-earth ions is used to study a mechanism for radiationless energy transfer effective only at the shortest distances between the rare-earth ions.


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  • Yu. K. Voron’ko
  • A. A. Sobol’

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