The Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Conductivity of Crystalline Materials

  • Rudol’f L. Myuller


A typical feature of ionic-co valent high melting substances is the existence of a low temperature stable state in which the degrees of freedom of the valence oscillations of the atoms are frozen [1]. This feature predetermines a series of properties in these substances, in particular the presence of “anentropic” electrical conductivity in the stable state changing to “entropic” in the labile state. The “entropy effect” in conductivity is explained by the excitation of valence oscillations and by the associated local changes in the degree of geometrical order in the structure which in the labile state accompanies the electrolytic dissociation of the ionic-covalent systems [2].


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  • Rudol’f L. Myuller
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  1. 1.Leningrad State UniversityLeningradUSSR

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