Introduction to Genetic Heuristics and Vehicle Routing Problems with Complex Constraints

  • Sam R. Thangiah
  • Pavel Petrovic
Part of the Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series book series (ORCS, volume 9)


The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) involves the routing of vehicles to service a set of customers given vehicles with limited capacity and travel time. The VRP plays a major role in service based industries for transportation of goods. The cost of transportation is dependent upon the minimization of the total distance traveled by the vehicles and the number of vehicles required to transport the goods. The VRP belongs to the class of NP-complete problems. This paper explains the classic heuristics used to solve the VRP and introduces two algorithms, GenSect and GenClust, that are extensions of the classic VRP heuristics based on Genetic Algorithms for solving VRP’s with complex constraints.


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