Globally Optimized Calibration of Complex System Models

  • János D. Pintér
Part of the Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications book series (NOIA, volume 6)


The predominantly incomplete or poor understanding of environmental (as well as many other complex) systems calls for model development as an essential tool of the related scientific and applied research. For discussions—in the context of environmental management—see, for instance, Kneese and Bower (1968), Kneese, Ayres and d’Arge (1970), Brubaker (1973), Rich (1973), Park et al. (1974), United States Environmental Protection Agency (1974, 1980), Munn (1975), Parvin and Grammas (1976), Bower (1977), Russell and Spofford (1977), Rolling (1978), Nijkamp (1980), Loucks, Stedinger and Haith (1981), Haith (1982), Novotny and Chesters (1982), Jørgensen (1983), Orlob (1983), Beck (1985a, 1987a,b), Beck and van Straten (1986), Somlyódy and van Straten (1986), Kleindorfer and Kunreuther (1987), Pintér (1987a, 1990c,e, 1991a), Richardson (1988), Stokoe, Lane, Côté and Wright (1989).


Chemical Oxygen Demand Model Calibration Biochemical Oxygen Demand Calibration Problem Complex System Model 
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