Renin Release from Human Chorionic Trophoblasts in Vitro: The Role of Cyclic Amp and Protein Kinase C

  • Alan M. Poisner
  • Promila Agrawal
  • Roselle Poisner
Part of the Trophoblast Research book series (TR)


Trophoblasts from human chorion laeve contain renin (Poisner et al., 1981b), HCG (Poisner et al., 1983a) and progesterone (Tonkowicz and Poisner, 1985). Most of the renin in the chorion is present in the form of prorenin (Poisner et al., 1981b). Preliminary work indicated that renin release is dependent on external calcium and can be inhibited by agents which block calcium influx (Poisner et al., 1983b; 1984a,b). This suggested that renin release may be mediated through the common calcium-dependent exocytosis pathway. Progesterone secretion from these cells is enhanced by dibutyryl cyclic AMP and agents which increase cyclic AMP (Tonkowicz and Poisner, 1985). Cyclic AMP has also been suggested as a mediator of renin secretion from the kidney (Fray, 1980), but the role of calcium is controversial (Chen and Poisner, 1976; Park et al., 1981; Hinko et al., 1984). Another mediator of secretion in a number of cells is the diacyl glycerol-activated protein kinase (C-kinase), which is also activated by the tumor promoter phorbol esters (Castagna et al., 1982). The present studies were carried out to determine if cyclic AMP and protein kinase C may also function as mediators of renin secretion from chorionic trophoblasts. Preliminary studies have been reported (Poisner, 1984; Poisner et al., 1984b).


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