Multipliers and Divisors of Cauchy—Stieltjes Integrals

  • S. A. Vinogradov
  • M. G. Goluzina
  • V. P. Khavin
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Let U be an open unit circle on the complex plane, let ә U be its boundary, and let z be the complex variable. In the present article we investigate the multiplicative properties of functions g representable in U by an integral of the Cauchy—Stieltjes type:
in which M is a complex Borel measure on U. We denote the set of all such functions g by K. The set K is linear under the ordinary operations of addition of functions and multiplication of a function by a complex number.


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  • S. A. Vinogradov
  • M. G. Goluzina
  • V. P. Khavin

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