Phasic and Tonic Changes of the Mean Alpha Frequency (MAF) of the EEG during Motor Performance

  • Lothar Beyer
  • Thomas Weiss
  • Ellen Hansen
  • Reinhard Rost
Part of the Brain Dynamics book series (BD)


EEG background activity was analyzed in relation to physical exercise. An ergometer test provoked an increase of the mean alpha frequency (MAF) over the occipital and precentral cortical regions dependent on the initial load. Special wrestling exercises caused similar changes of the MAF, owing to the intensity and duration of work. We propose phasic and tonic changes of CNS activation related to information processes during motor control are responsible for the observed increase of the MAF.


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  • Lothar Beyer
  • Thomas Weiss
  • Ellen Hansen
  • Reinhard Rost

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