Kinetics of the Establishment of the Current in Polycrystalline Films of PbS

  • V. G. Butkevich
  • I. A. Drozd


A study was made of polycrystalline films prepared by sublimation in vacuum. Measurements were carried out of the dependence of the film resistance on the frequency (50 cps-10 Mc) of the applied voltage using various field intensities. It was found that at a low field intensity of 10 V/cm the resistance was practically independent of the frequency but in a field of 200 V/cm the resistance fell appreciably when the frequency was increased. An investigation was made of the processes during the establishment of the current in films subjected to voltage pulses. It was found that the application of a square voltage pulse to a film produced initially a current corresponding to the value of the resistance at low field intensities but the equilibrium value of the current in the sample, established after some time, was governed by the static current-voltage characteristic. The time for the establishment of the equilibrium value of the current depended on the field intensity: it decreased with increasing field. The experimental results were in agreement with the assumption of the presence of potential barriers which had voltage-dependent intrinsic resistance and capacitance. Simple estimates showed that nonlinear properties of the films appeared only after the voltage across such an elementary barrier exceeded 0.01 V. Above this voltage, the barriers had rectifying properties and their resistance and capacitance depended on the applied voltage.


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  • V. G. Butkevich
  • I. A. Drozd

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