Growth in the 14-Year-Old Children of Mothers Who Smoked during Pregnancy

  • Paula Rantakallio


The finding by Butler and Goldstein (1973) in a British birth cohort from 1958 that smoking during pregnancy has a retarding effect on the subsequent physical and mental development of the child is well known and is backed up by observations on US populations (Hardy and Mellits, 1972; Wingerd and Schoen, 1974) and a Canadian sample (Dunn, McBurney, Ingram et al., 1976). The numbers of cases in these series are small, however, and the findings lack significance in some instances (Hardy and Mellits, 1972).


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  • Paula Rantakallio
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  1. 1.Department of Public Health. ScienceUniversity of OuluOuluFinland

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