Gas-Kinetic Cooling Processes by Coherent Radiation

  • M. Garbuny
Conference paper


Recently we have proposed mechanisms by which coherent radiation can be converted, in principle, completely into mechanical work[1,2]. In simplest terms, the method uses: (1) a heat pump process in which radiation of frequency hv 12 = E2 − E1 pumps molecules from an intermediate energy state E1 to a long-lived upper state E2 so that each absorbed photon withdraws an energy E1 from the translational-rotational heat reservoir and stores an energy hv 12 + E1 in the upper state; and (2) as the second step, ultimate release of the energy E2 to heat for the operation of a mechanical engine, the heat rejected being just compensated by that withdrawn in step (1). The process is therefore just the conversion of one type of energy of vanishing entropy into another, ideally, without net heat rejection.


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