Memory Function Methods for Quantum Systems in Contact with Reservoirs

  • A. Zardecki
Conference paper


In recent years increasing use has been made of methods of quantum statistics and stochastic processes in a variety of problems in quantum optics. A comprehensive list of references can be found in the review articles of Agarwal [1] and Haken [2], see also a recent work of Gronchi and Lugiato [3]. In many cases of practical interest one is concerned with the dynamics of an open systems S moving irreversibly under the influence of a reservoir R. Ultimately, the properties of S are inferred through the elimination of the R-variables. This is usually accomplished by two complementary approaches:
  1. (i)

    The elimination procedure in the Schrödinger picture leads to an equation for a reduced density operator (master equation).

  2. (ii)

    The elimination procedure in the Heisenberg picture leads to a generalized, including memory effects, Langevin equation.



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