Influence of the Immune System on the Course of Infection with Murine Coronavirus JHM in Suckling Mice

  • Karin Pickel
  • Maria Anna Müller
  • Volker ter Meulen
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JHM-virus, a neurotropic strain of murine corona virus, has been shown to induce various diseases of the central nervous system in rats which are influenced by the age of the animals at the time of infection (1–3). Infection early in life always results in acute disease while subacute or chronic diseases develop when adult animals are infected. In this connection it appears to be of importance to analyze the factors determining the different reactions of young and adult animals to infection with JHM virus. It has been shown for various viruses, that resistance to infection can occur, based either on the genetics or on the age of the animal (4–11). In this study experiments were carried out to investigate age dependent resistance by analyzing the influence of components of a competent immune system on the course of JHM virus infection in suckling mice.


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  • Karin Pickel
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  • Maria Anna Müller
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  • Volker ter Meulen
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