Oligonucleotide Fingerprinting of the RNA of Different Strains of Infectious Bronchitis Virus

  • Jon P. Clewley
  • John Morser
  • Béla Lomniczi
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Infectious bronchitis virus /IBV/, the prototype of the family coronaviridae1 causes pathological conditions of the respiratory tract, the reproductive tract and the kidneys of chickens2. The disease was first described in the United States3, but by the early sixties it had been identified all over the world. Early work showed that more than one serotype of IBV existed4. Since then a large number of strains have been isolated and attempts have been made to classify these strains using a serological approach. On the basis of immunofluorescence data, and virus neutralization tests carried out mostly with reference strains, at least eight serotypes5 were established. However, in a study where large numbers of field strains were examined and compared to reference strains, it became apparent that it was not feasible to classify IBV isolates using a serological approach6. In an attempt to circumvent this problem strains were examined by cluster analysis using Euclidean distance as the measure of similarity and two main groups were established7. It was also found that twelve strains, fell into one or other of two categories of protein pattern differing in the mobility of a small glycoprotein on polyacrylamide gels8,9. It is of interest that reference strains placed in different groups by the cluster analysis also showed different protein patterns8.


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  • John Morser
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  2. 2.Veterinary Medical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of SciencesBudapestHungary

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