Cellular DNA content: the most important prognostic factor in patients with borderline tumors of the ovary. Can it prevent overtreatment?

  • J. Kaern
  • C. G. Tropé
  • V. Abeler
  • E. O. Pettersen


The majority of patients with ovarian borderline tumors and invasive carcinoma stage I have excellent prognosis after surgical removal of the tumor. Nevertheless, nearly all of these patients have received adjuvant treatment, in the absence of prognostic factors to pinpoint the few patients at risk, who might benefit from this treatment. Less extended surgery (than the standard surgery performed) might suffice in many patients, thus allowing young women to remain fertile, if more precise prognostic factors could be identified [1–4].


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  • J. Kaern
  • C. G. Tropé
  • V. Abeler
  • E. O. Pettersen

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