Nerves and Neuropeptides in the Regulation of Mucosal Immunity

  • John Bienenstock
  • Ken Croitoru
  • Peter B. Ernst
  • Andrzej M. Stanisz
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Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 257)


The subject of mucosal immunity continues to generate considerable interest. It is clear that the presentation of antigen to the nucosa, especially in the form of replicating virus or live attenuated organisms produces a local mucosal immune response. This response is better than if the antigens are presented in other-forms, and certainly better than if they are presented via other routes1–3 . Thus, the experiments performed some fifty years ago on immunization of volunteers against dysentery by oral immunization4 with Shigella organisms, which produced incomplete but definite protection amongst those vaccinate, clearly hold up.


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