Androgen Regulation of Mouse Kidney RNA

  • C. D. Kochakian


The anabolic effect of the androgens is observed in many tissues other than the secondary sex organs. The responsiveness of the extra sexual tissues varies widely with species of animals and the steroid hormone (1,2). The induction of growth by the steroids, however, utilizes the recognized protein biosynthetic systems. The amino acid incorporating activity of cell free preparations of these is decreased by castration and enhanced by androgen administration (2). These changes in rate of protein biosynthesis are accompanied by changes in the RNAs of the tissue (2). Since various forms of RNAs are essential for the protein biosynthetic system, this report will describe some of the recent information concerning the regulation of RNA in an androgen sensitive organ, the mouse kidney.


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Experimental EndocrinologyUniversity of AlabamaBirminghamUK

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