Determination of the Lamb Shift (H, n=2) by the “Atomic Interferometer” Method

  • Yu. L. Sokolov
Conference paper


Studies of the interference of atomic states intensively developed in the 60’s occupied a great deal of attention up to now. Special importance of such investigations is that the finest properties of the atomic states (e.g. of Hatom) may, in principle, manifest themselves in some new aspects, since the interference pattern is extremely sensitive to the characteristics of its components. It seems possible that the negative results of the experiments which have been made to search the applicability limits of quantum electrodynamics may be due to the fact that there exists some kind of phenomena, though small, but playing an important role, which fails to come into view when using the modern experimental techniques.


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  • Yu. L. Sokolov
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  1. 1.I.V.Kurchatov Institute of Atomic EnergyMoscowRussia

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