Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Model M4

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Glaucoma drainage devices are helpful in the management of intractable glaucoma, which does not respond well to conventional medical and surgical therapies. Surgeons also may choose to use glaucoma drainage devices for primary surgery for glaucoma. The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve is a glaucoma drainage device that has a flow-resistive valve mechanism. This valve is helpful in minimizing postoperative hypotony and complications associated with hypotony, including flat anterior chamber, choroidal effusions, and suprachoroidal hemorrhage.


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Financial Disclosure

The University of Virginia has received research support from New World Medical for a multicenter randomized clinical trial.

Supplementary material

Video 20.1

Implantation of the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Model M4. This video demonstrates the steps for implantation of the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve M4 (WMV 110218 kb)


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