Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy: Male

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Robot-assisted radical cystoprostatectomy will be covered in this chapter. A stepwise approach is covered with emphasis on important steps as well as tips and tricks to avoid complications. The combined experience of the authors dates back to 2005 when they began applying robotic techniques in the management of invasive bladder cancer. Perioperative and postoperative care is covered in this chapter providing the reader a foundation for developing a clinical pathway of their own.


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Supplementary material

Video 6.1

A completed extended pelvic lymphadenectomy and exposure of the hypogastric vessels and pedicles (MP4 15371 kb)

Video 6.2

Ureteral dissection and clipping (MP4 72768 kb)

Video 6.3

Initial steps of the radical cystectomy portion of the procedure (MP4 40500 kb)

Video 6.4

Management of the bladder pedicles (MP4 42616 kb)


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