Complex polymers

  • Arantxa ArbeEmail author
  • Juan Colmenero
Part of the Neutron Scattering Applications and Techniques book series (NEUSCATT)


For linear homopolymers, the power of neutron scattering has largely been demonstrated by characterization at the microscopic level of a large variety of dynamical processes including vibrations, side-group motions, structural relaxation, Rouse dynamics and reptation. Nowadays, technological demands require understanding of the dynamics in more complex polymer systems, like polymer blends or nano- or meso-phase segregated polymers. A key question to be answered is how does this increasing complexity affect the different processes present in simple polymers. Particularly in the case of such complex materials, neutron scattering offers a unique tool for unravelling dynamic information, since in combination with isotopic labelling it allows selectivity for the component dynamics. We illustrate the potential of this technique in the study of (i) polymer blends with differing degrees of dynamic asymmetry and (ii) a family of homopolymers with long alkyl side-groups that show nano-segregation of main chains and side groups. Under certain conditions, intriguing confinement effects that emerge in both kinds of systems are revealed by neutron scattering.


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We thank all our collaborators contributing to the research of our group in this subject. We also express our gratitude to Prof. D. Richter for the fruitful collaboration over many years addressing this kind of problems, and to our colleagues at the different neutron facilities. We acknowledge support by the European Commission NoE SoftComp, Contract NMP3-CT-2004-502235, the “Donostia International Physics Center”, the projects MAT2007-63681, IT-436-07 (GV) and the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (Grant No. CSD2006-53).


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