Ear Cartilage—2 A New Conception

  • Jack Davis


Further thought led to a new conception of the way to reconstruct the lobule in the first stage. Auriculoplasty has hitherto commenced with a lobule setback, a modified Zplasty transposition, and early formation of the lower auricular periphery. Converse has achieved about the same result by postponing the setback until a later stage. The shape, projection, color, and texture of the earlobe thus formed have been far from perfect. A scar has divided the ear in two. The new conception proposes to aim at a clean, uninterrupted sweep of skin from the lobe straight through to the scapha-helix, so that no scar and change of texture will create a dividing line between them. The scar-texture division of the ear has been quite obvious at a glance. Also, the ear should be placed where the ear should be, and not around the microtia.


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