Firearms Ownership and Violent Crime: A Comparison of Illinois Counties

  • David J. Bordua
Part of the Research in Criminology book series (RESEARCH CRIM.)


As the title states, this is a study of firearms ownership and violent crime which is an extension of earlier work on firearms ownership in Illinois (Bordua & Lizotte, 1979; Bordua, Lizotte, & Kleck, 1979; Lizotte & Bordua, 1980; Lizotte, Bordua, & White 1981). However, the focus of this chapter is quite different in the following regard. In the earlier studies firearms ownership was the dependent variable. In this study violent crime rates are the dependent variables and the research explores the relationship of firearms ownership to violent crime.1 The earlier research included both aggregate and individual-level analyses. The present study includes more detailed and weapon-specific data on violent crime as well as more sophisticated measures of the types and numbers of firearms owned.


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