Autologous Transplanation of Blood Derived Hemopoietic Stem Cells

  • M. Körbling
  • Th. M. Fliedner
Part of the Developments in Hematology and Immunology book series (DIHI, volume 10)


The existence of circulating hemopoietic stem cells in the peripheral blood has been demonstrated by in vivo studies using preclinical animal models and by in vitro experiments. A bulk of data obtained in the canine model suggests that it would be possible to use stem cells collected from the peripheral blood of man for the purposes of hemopoietic reconstitution following an intensive cytoreductive pulse of pre-transplant therapy if adequate numbers of those cells could be harvested. The usual way of collecting a large amount of blood-derived hemopoietic stem cells is that of hemapheresis using a continuous flow blood cell separator.


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  • Th. M. Fliedner

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