Idiopathic Small Intestinal Disease in the Tropics

  • S. J. Baker


For over two and one-half thousand years, small intestinal disease has been recognized as a health problem on the Indian subcontinent. Caraka, somewhere between the 13th and 6th centuries B.C., described “grahani vyadhi” or “small intestinal disease” in the following terms:

The patient even if not emaciated feels weakness and langour....Food instead of contributing to growth issues out of the body in an upward or downward course...whatever food a person afflicted with grahani disease takes is improperly digested. The person repeatedly evacuates stools that are sometimes watery, sometimes dry, sometimes consisting of undigested matter and frothy, the downward wind making a loud a noise at the time (Caraka Samhita, 1949).


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