Metal Coordination Polymers: Eight-Coordinate Cerium(IV) and Zirconium(IV) Polymers with Varied Flexibility, Conjugation, and Stability Through Ligand Variation

  • Ronald D. Archer
  • Huiyong Chen
  • Jon A. Cronin
  • Sharon M. Palmer


Tractable (soluble) linear transition metal coordination polymers in which the metal ions are a necessary part of the backbone (and without which the polymer will stay intact) have proven difficult to synthesize.1-6 Bis(tetradentate) Schiff-base ligands coupled with zirconium(IV) ions large enough for eight- coordination can be used to overcome this insolubility,7-8 and recently an analogous soluble cerium(IV) Schiff-base polymer has been prepared.9 Although a number of reports had appeared regarding polymeric systems in which lanthanide metal ions are attached to a branch of a polymer chain10-14 or solid state species that either remain insoluble in all solvents or fall apart into small molecules when dissolved,15-17 soluble linear polymers with lanthanide ions in their backbone had been lacking prior to our study of catena-poly [cerium(IV)-µ-N,N′,N″,N‴-tetrasalicylidene(3,3′-diaminobenzidinato)-O,-N,N′,O′:O″,N″,N‴ ,O‴], [Ce(tsdb)]n.9


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    • 1
  • Huiyong Chen
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  • Jon A. Cronin
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  • Sharon M. Palmer
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  2. 2.Departments of ChemistrySmith CollegeNorthamptonUSA

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