Syngeneic Graft-versus-Host Disease: Failure of Self: Non-Self Discrimination

  • A. D. Hess
  • A. C. Fischer
  • G. B. Vogelsang
  • W. E. Beschnorner
  • G. W. Santos
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Part of the Experimental Hematology Today—1987 book series (HEMATOLOGY, volume 1987)


Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) occurs after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT) and is primarily thought to be the response of donor lymphocytes to foreign histocompatibility antigens of the recipient (1). However, the recent description of GVHD after autologous and/or syngeneic BMT has raised critical questions with regard to our understanding of the immunobiology of GVHD, the antigens which induce this reaction and the mechanisms accounting for the development of donor to host tolerance in the lymphohematopoietic chimera (2,3). The occurrence of syngeneic GVHD implicates that histocompatibility differences are not an absolute requirement for GVHD as once postulated by Billingham (4) but may include a dysregulation of self: non-self discrimination. (1)


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  • A. D. Hess
  • A. C. Fischer
  • G. B. Vogelsang
  • W. E. Beschnorner
  • G. W. Santos

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