Anterior Mediastinal Tumours

  • Mohammed Abdel Aziz
  • Pala B. Rajesh


The mediastinum contains a number of organs and structures of various origins, and thus it can be the host of many pathologies and tumours including benign and malignant. Managing a patient with mediastinal tumour must begin with multidisciplinary approach. Treating mediastinal tumours varies between watchful waiting, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and a combination of all these modalities, and thus accurate diagnosis is crucial in management. Knowledge of correlation between patient demographics and type of tumours, commonest tumours in various compartments of the mediastinum, biochemistry testing in relation to certain tumours and radiological characteristics of the mediastinal tumours can provide focused examination and increase the yield of accurate diagnosis.

In this chapter, we will discuss the various sections and divisions of the mediastinum as well as the most common primary tumours within each division. We will examine the common sites, clinical presentation, radiological feature and management of the common mediastinal tumours. This chapter will provide various tips in diagnosing and tricks in the surgical resection of these tumours.


Mediastinum Tumours Thymoma Mediastinal cyst Pericardial cyst Germ cell tumour Teratoma Seminomatous and nonseminomatous tumours Lymphoma Benign hamartomatous malformations Neurogenic tumours Surgery VATS resection 


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