Real-time Video-based Recognition of Sign Language Gestures using Guided Template Matching

  • A. Sutherland
Conference paper


We present a system for recognising hand-gestures in Sign language. The system works in real-time and uses input from a colour video camera. The user wears different coloured gloves on either hand and colour matching is used to distinguish the hands from each other and from the background. So far the system has been tested in fixed lighting conditions, with the camera a fixed distance from the user. The system is user-dependent.

The system is implemented on a Datacube platform, which contains specialised image processing hardware and allows real-time operation. Hand-shapes are recognised using template-matching implemented using the Datacube’s NMAC module. Different sets of templates can be matched at each frame depending on the absolute positions of the hands within the frame and their relative positions with respect to each other.

Results are presented for a set of 25 gestures from Irish Sign Language. 22 of the gestures involve motion and we show how the structure of the gestures may be used to guide the template-matching algorithm. Dynamic gestures are recognised by identifying sequences of distinct hand-shapes/positions. Recognition rates will be presented for a set of 500 example video sequences.


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  1. 1.Hitachi Dublin Laboratory, O’Reilly InstituteTrinity CollegeDublin 2Ireland

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