Word-Length Distribution in Present-Day Lower Sorbian Newspaper Texts

  • Andrew Wilson
Part of the Text, Speech and Language Technology book series (TLTB, volume 31)

Lower Sorbian is a West Slavic language, spoken primarily in the south-eastern corner of the eastern German federal state of Brandenburg; the speech area also extends slightly further south into the state of Saxony. Although the dialect geography of Sorbian is rather complex, Lower Sorbian is one of the two standard varieties of Sorbian, the other being Upper Sorbian, which is mainly used in Saxony.1 As a whole, Sorbian has fewer than 70,000 speakers, of whom only about 28% are speakers of Lower Sorbian. However, an understanding of both varieties of Sorbian is a key element in understanding the structure and history of the West Slavic language group as a whole, since Sorbian is generally recognized as constituting a separate sub-branch of West Slavic, alongside Lechithic (i.e. Polish and Cassubian) and Czecho-Slovak.2


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