Introductory Remarks: On the Science of Language in Light of the Language of Science

  • Peter Grzybek
Part of the Text, Speech and Language Technology book series (TLTB, volume 31)

The seemingly innocent formulation as to a science of language in light of the language of science is more than a mere play on words: rather, this formulation may turn out to be relatively demanding, depending on the concrete understanding of the terms involved — particularly, placing the term ‘science’ into a framework of a general theory of science. No doubt, there is more than one theory of science, and it is not the place here to discuss the philosophical implications of this field in detail. Furthermore, it has become commonplace to refuse the concept of a unique theory of science, and to distinguish between a general theory of science and specific theories of science, relevant for individual sciences (or branches of science). This tendency is particularly strong in the humanities, where 19th century ideas as to the irreconcilable antagony of human and natural, of weak and hard sciences, etc., are perpetuated, though sophisticatedly updated in one way or another.


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