Intellectual, artistic and ideological aspects of cultures in the New World

  • Gustavo Martin-Fragachan


An analysis of the development of the intellectual, artistic and ideological aspects of the cultures of the new societies which arose in the Caribbean upon the first contact between Europe and the New World depends necessarily upon an understanding of the ideological schemata brought to the lands of the Americas by the discoverers and conquistadores. Of equal importance is the study of the intellectual systems which existed among the Amerindian and African societies which helped to make up these new societies. One must note, however, that due mainly to the forced acculturation to which the Amerindian and African inhabitants were subjected, the presence of cultural elements from those societies was not always explicit, but in many cases hidden or disguised, and one tends to encounter logical forms of thought rather than phenomenal expressions of culture. Thus the traditional approach, tinged with experimentalism, by which anthropology, ethnology, history, and the other ‘social’ disciplines have confronted the problem of acculturation, will be seen in this chapter only in terms of the tangible or visible aspects of cultures.


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