Concha Lozano Salas (1915–2003)

We were a close bunch of people, a lot of good people
  • Jane Wehrey
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When Connie Lozano was growing up in the 1920s in company housing at southern Inyo’s soda ash processing plants, the Mexican communities clustered there and in nearby Lone Pine accounted for a third or more of the area’s population. A hub of mining, commerce, and transportation since the 1860s, Lone Pine from the start had been a colorful amalgam of Mexicans, Indians, Anglos, Chinese, Chileans, Basques, Germans, and a dozen other groups. Spread across the southern Owens Valley, they labored at desert mining camps, railroad stations, and soda ash operations, worked in stores and livery stables, and managed herds of sheep and cattle.


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