‘He talks everybody down with his dreadful voice’

  • Mary Gladstone


12 February 1875. Went in [to dinner with Edward Burne-Jones1] … We talked hard, and he told me lots of things worth remembering. Called Browning’s outside ‘moss’ and said the works of a man were his real self.


  1. 2.
    While it was long widely believed or suspected that Browning proposed marriage to Louisa, Lady Ashburton (1827–1903) it is now fairly certain that she raised the matter in the summer of 1869. The topic was raised again probably in 1871 and seemingly cordial relations were then replaced by anger on both parts. See Virginia Surtees, The Ludovisi Goddess: the Life of Louisa Lady Ashburton (Wilton, 1984), pp. 137–49.Google Scholar

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