‘The delight of the encounter’

  • Bayard Taylor


In his lively, cheerful manner, quick voice, and perfect self-possession, he made upon me the impression of an American rather than an Englishman. He was then, I should judge, about thirty-seven years of age,1 but his dark hair was already streaked with grey about the temples. His complexion was fair, with perhaps the faintest olive tinge, eyes large, clear, and grey, nose strong and well cut, mouth full and rather broad, and chin pointed, though not prominent. His forehead broadened rapidly upwards from the outer angle of the eyes, slightly retreating. The strong individuality which marks his poetry was expressed, not only in his face and head, but in his whole demeanour. He was about the medium height, strong in the shoulders, but slender at the waist, and his movements expressed a combination of vigour and elasticity.


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