• Elizabeth Barrett Browning


I love Florence, the place looks exquisitely beautiful in its garden-ground of vineyards and olive-trees, sung round by the nightingales day and night, nay, sung into by the nightingales, for as you walk along the streets in the evening the song trickles down into them till you stop to listen. Such nights we have between starlight and firefly-light, and the nightingales singing! I would willingly stay here, if it were not that we are constrained by duty and love to go,1 and at some day not distant, I dare say we shall come back ‘for good and all’ as people say, seeing that, if you take one thing with another, there is no place in the world like Florence, I am persuaded, for a place to live in. Cheap, tranquil, cheerful, beautiful, within the limit of civilisation yet out of the crush of it.

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