‘Browning in Venice’

  • Katharine de Kay Bronson


The view of the rose-coloured city rising from the pale-green waters, of the golden light of sunset on the distant Alps, of the day as it turned to evening behind the Euganean Hills, never seemed to pall upon his sense.


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  1. 6.
    Browning on occasion expressed more definite beliefs: William G. Kingsland remembered ‘the vehemence with which he spoke on the subject of personal immortality: “If there is anything I hold to, it is that why, I know I shall meet my dearest friends again!”’ (Robert Browning: Chief Poet of the Age, 2nd edn (London, 1890), p. 3); he told Rudolf Lehmann that ‘I have doubted, and denied it … and I fear have even printed my doubts, but now I am as deeply convinced that there is something after death’ (An Artist’s Reminiscences (London, 1894), p. 231).Google Scholar

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