Henry IV Part Two

  • Katharine Goodland
  • John O’Connor
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The Festival Stage… has both halves of Henry IV… They are a triumph. I have heard them called old-fashioned, and in a sense so they are, in so far as you can be old fashioned on an open stage. They have great clashes between rival armies, and a lavish coronation procession in Part II with a real crowd looking on. There is a notably intelligent performance of Henry by Douglas Rain, a King constantly tortured by his realization that his right to the Crown is shaky… [I]n the first part he is still fighting against his conscience, in the second, his conscience has clearly come out on top. He is particularly sensitive in the scene of his death; and there, too, Richard Monette as Prince Hal reaches a fine climax of glowing performance…There is a well-bred Falstaff by Lewis Gordon, who, when he encounters other gentlemen, such as Max Help-manns fine Lord Chief or Cedric Smith and Mervyn Blake as Shallow and Silence, visibly remembers that he, too, once was a gentlemen… The director of this production is Peter Moss…Watch him. (B. A.Young, Plays and Players, 26 no. 11 [1979]: 18–21)


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