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On his first entrance, Mr. Dobie looked far too old to be the youthful Hamlet but as the play progressed, his talent took over any misgivings we had about his age. Too, at the first of the play, he rattled off the lines so quickly, some of the words were lost in the rush. Shakespeare’s language requires a subtle pacing—and Mr. Dobie soon worked into the flow of the script. Mr. Dobie has a beautiful speaking voice and a powerful stage presence … His passion for Shakespeare is obvious and his tremendous talent for interpretation left Mondays audience spellbound… The entire cast Monday was in top form. Each player was in perfect character and although there were two or three momentary fumbles with the words, each remained in character… Mr. Gilbert has made Shakespeare live and the beauty of the production and the language create a piece of theatre to be enjoyed by all—even if you dont understand or like Shakespeare. Of special note in the supporting cast are Maurice Good as Claudius and Edgar Wreford as Polonius. These two actors were particularly adroit in their characterizations and both possess powerful and dynamic stage voices. The set and costumes designed by Peter Wingate were inspired to say the least and very impressive. Robert Reinholdt’s lighting was as subtle as it was artistic… I believe the delicate beauty of the final scene created a magic aura for the audience that no one wanted to break with applause. There was a terribly long moment of silence after the lights finally went down, a moment of magic and suspended emotion. Mr. Gilbert and his cast can know by this token of respect, their production had the intended impact. (Peter Crossley, Winnipeg Free Press, 20 March 1973)


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